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    • The technician referral program is $85 annually or $7/ month for 12 months, per listing. A professional business address, phone number, and liability insurance is required. Additional listings can be requested via the Additional Listings item.  
    • The above listed business phone and address will be listed on the SPCP website and disseminated to inquirers.

    I have read and agree to the above participation provisions of the Technician Referral Program. I understand that if my website lists supplies or offers training and I am not an SPCP supplier or trainer member, the SPCP will only list an email address, not my website. I agree that I will only post before and after procedural photos of my own work on my website unless there is a disclaimer with each photo. In consideration of my use of a link to and/or from the SPCP website, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the SPCP from any loss and expense as a result of any claim or loss arising from my activities.

    Only select monthly option if paying membership monthly as well (above).

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