Requirements for CPCP Renewal
Completion of CPCP Exam
12 hours continuing education (16 hrs for trainers)
A current bloodborne pathogens class
Agreement and Adherence to the SPCP Code of Ethics

Renewal Fees
SPCP Member: $150
Non-Member: $250

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    Please read the following, and then mark at the bottom that you agree to uphold this Code of Ethics.

    1. Members are to maintain high ethical professional standards consistent with sound practices, regulatory requirements, and SPCP guidelines.
    2. Members will strive to promote the mission of the Society and encourage a cohesive relationship throughout the cosmetic tattoo industry.
    3. Members agree to only offer procedures they have been trained to perform with hands-on oversight.
    4. Members recognize the importance of continuing education to upgrade and improve their knowledge and skills.
    5. a. Members will only use products that are professionally manufactured and follow all regulations for their use.
      b. Members who are manufacturers and/or distributors of equipment or supplies, including pigments and anesthetics, agree not to provide false or misleading statements and will fully disclose all ingredients.
    6. Members will utilize safe practices of disinfection and sterilization of all machine, device, or other components that can potentially be contaminated by bloodborne pathogens. Disposable parts, including needles, will not be reused, nor will manual device handles be detached from needle groupings prior to disposal.
    7. Members agree that permanent cosmetics/makeup/microblading procedures, among other names for depositing pigment into the skin with a needle is tattooing and is not to be considered a semi-permanent nor a fully painless process.
    8. Members will make no false or misleading statements to the public through material; including but not limited to: websites, social media, brochures, or forms regarding the process of tattooing.
    9. Members agree that technicians who are not a licensed medical professional shall not participate in any behavior that could be construed as diagnosing and that the client’s health and privacy of records in accordance with regulatory requirements are protected at all times.
    10. Members who conduct fundamental training agree that programs at the fundamental level shall be a minimum of 100 hours (Not less than a minimum of 65 classroom hours) in duration and shall include practical components under direct instructor supervision. Only trainer members may use SPCP logos in association with training.
    11. Members agree that Society or fellow member materials, including items such as articles, videos, handouts, images, and membership lists may not be used without written authorization from the SPCP, or the member owning the materials.
    12. Members agree that in the event of a lapse in SPCP membership or CPCP certification, they will remove all associated logos and references within fourteen days of expiration.

    I have provided proof of 12 hours of Permanent Cosmetic continuing education (16 hours if a Trainer member). If my certificates do not reflect hours, I have provided additional documentation from my instructor specifying the number of hours taken

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